If Only Ignoring Problems Made Them Disappear- Southern Kaduna Genocide

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Roughly two weeks ago, I was scared to login to my twitter account. My feed was terrifying (as I happen to follow indigenous news reporting sources and nomadic journalism), whilst the news was horrifying enough, the graphics were worse. Sitting on my timeline were heart-wrenching pictures of the genocide happening in the southern Kaduna(a state in Northern Nigeria). Pictures of real people — human beings; mothers, children, siblings, fathers who were hacked to death in their homes, and farmlands.

There, in the comment section, I saw some inhumane comments basically saying it was the northerner’s problem alone to deal with. One particularly wrote, “Hausa kill Hausa, how e take concern us.”

A screen of an insensitive tweet about genocide
A screen of an insensitive tweet about genocide

And I was completely blown, I mean, how do we wave it off as a “Northern thing” just because we are of different geopolitically zones, and “obviously there are more killings happening in other places.”

How does one simply detach oneself from the happenings in one’s country?

How do we excuse genocide as personal problems because of the location it happens to emanate from?

Most importantly, how do we demand justice from the Government? How do we hold them accountable for their failure in defending the people they were sworn in to protect?

Do we just suspend our humanity as it doesn’t directly affect us…because these are real people who left behind both nuclear and extended family members. They have relatives who were called in to identify their bodies and are now stuck with mental images of their mutilation, worse, with no hope of getting justice. In large unmarked graves they are buried, people who once loved, and were loved. Does their lack of education make them less human?

We see the news and are quick to mark them off as unfortunate numbers. Aren’t they only farmers and poverty-stricken individuals?

Do you consider that if any of these people saw you parched, and thirsty, they would offer you a bowl of water, and stool or mat under the shades?

No, you know them collectively by their tribe, and so it doesn’t concern you.

The politics of power has turned you bitter, and so at the barest thought of their downfall, you throw your palms open in self-righteousness, ignorant of your bigotry.

You say their death is caused by their people, and ask them to face their problems, whilst you face yours. Do remember, the palm oil has only got to touch the hands before it spreads to every part of the body?

I do not like the gloom myself, but I tell you that we can’t escape it. The problem with this elephant is that if we tarry, it would grow, and we would easily be trampled.

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