Writing lessons from one of the most accomplished writers in the world

Dreams are expensive, and JK Rowling is living the loftiest of them all.

With her books selling over 500 million copies worldwide, JK Rowling is easily the most accomplished writer in history. Having written her way to the top, she is a self-made billionaire in the truest definition. …

The unedited process of growth and success

Anyone who knows their way around the YouTube ecosystem has at some point come across the name, MrBeast.

His accomplishments are worthy of the title Beast, but when you come across the face behind the title, the popular idiom, small but mighty, paints a mental image.

For one, MrBeast, whose…

#3 Heroes or Villains, unforgettable characters always have a cause

Chances are anything you need to know about life exists in a chapter of a book.

Books are not only doorways to different parts of the worlds or extensions into a unique existence, they are mirrors which reflect both dreams and reality; they are also the direct route to understanding…

Deborah Oyegue

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