Writing lessons from one of the most accomplished writers in the world

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Dreams are expensive, and JK Rowling is living the loftiest of them all.

With her books selling over 500 million copies worldwide, JK Rowling is easily the most accomplished writer in history. Having written her way to the top, she is a self-made billionaire in the truest definition. And her record could remain unbeaten till the next generation.

It is outstanding that JK Rowling wrote the first book in the Harry Potter series when her life was falling apart, which begs the question, How did a single mom on welfare, suffering from clinical depression, become one of the most successful…

A step-by-step process you can follow to transform your ideas into articles

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Many people come up with ideas and thoughts they want to share but never get around to do so. They tell themselves that it’s not worth it or they don’t have the time.

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a template you could simply use, allowing you to take your initial thought and turn it into a fully fleshed-out article with relative ease?

Being a writer is fun. But it can be pretty challenging, too. …

And why they are the key to self-transformation

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I close my eyes, my head slightly upturned to the heavens, hands on my thighs with palms facing north, meditating for the first time in my life with the guidance of his recorded voice. “I am not the body… I am not also the mind,” the calm voice reiterates.

For the first time, I crave this stillness; no plans or panic, just stillness.

Meditation is not a new topic, especially in the self-development world with its many teachings of mindfulness. Also, with prominent personalities like Oprah Winfrey, heralding the practice of advanced…

With insights from YouTube content experts

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YouTube is the bitcoin of video streaming. 14 years since its launch and it has spurred a generation of young wealthy entrepreneurs; all defying the traditional route to wealth and acclaim.

It is the largest video search engine in the world, and can serve as a constant lead generation system for brand expansion opportunities — if you are strategic with your positioning. In 2020 alone, small YouTubers enjoyed massive success by doing something as simple as posting the right video at the right time.

If you are currently starting your channel, or returning to your YouTube channel, intent on catching…

The unedited process of growth and success

Mrbeast teasing a Lamborghini giveaway. Photo credit: MrBeast’s YouTube channel.

Anyone who knows their way around the YouTube ecosystem has at some point come across the name, MrBeast.

His accomplishments are worthy of the title Beast, but when you come across the face behind the title, the popular idiom, small but mighty, paints a mental image.

For one, MrBeast, whose real name is Jimmy Donaldson, is only 22 years old.

For another, MrBeast is well on his way to breaking the world record as the first person to become a billionaire from making YouTube videos.

At over 8 billion views, the total number of views on his channel exceeds the…

Catering to tastebuds, health, and sustainability

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Young Ethan Brown didn’t have to read Animal Farm or come across its phenomena quote, “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others,” to know there was something wrong with the disparity in treatment between the dogs in his house and the cattle on the farm.

He sometimes wondered if their biological differences were reasons enough to merit the partial treatment. And even though young Ethan lived with his family in the city and only visited the farms during breaks, the thoughts never strayed far from him.

Young Ethan grew up and got a rewarding job…

#3 Heroes or Villains, unforgettable characters always have a cause

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Chances are anything you need to know about life exists in a chapter of a book.

Books are not only doorways to different parts of the worlds or extensions into a unique existence, they are mirrors which reflect both dreams and reality; they are also the direct route to understanding human existence.

Successful character-driven or plot-driven stories have one thing in common — unforgettable characters.

Since real people (who are themselves characters in life’s play) inspired most characters, it makes perfect sense to analyze what made these characters unforgettable if one is eager to live a memorable life.

So here…

You probably know this already

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Studies show that people can change personalities as they get older. And it is true in my case. I am majorly different from the person I was a few years ago, and I can validate it by the character upheaval in my reading habit.

I used to be against simultaneous reading. When I ran a book review blog, it was a rule-of-thumb to select a book for the week and complete it before opening a new book. It was how I had always done it for as far back as I can remember. …

Success leaves clues

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Writing, like all creative endeavors, can get overwhelming and lonely. And a little nudge in the right direction is all we need to get our ball rolling.

So here are ten quotes from high-achievers bearing a message of hope and encouragement to writers in difficult spaces, seeking a reason to type the next word.

“We are all responsible for our lives and, more important, the thoughts that create them. If you want your life to be more rewarding, you have to change the way you think.” — Oprah Winfrey.

Because your mind defines your life, any significant change you want…

Debunking popular misconceptions

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Introversion is neither a fixable condition nor a state of mind. Physiologists have identified five groups of personalities, and further analysis shows that introversion and extroversion lie on either end of the same personality spectrum.

Due to their self-sufficient nature, introverts are highly misjudged. So here is an exclusive foray into the secret lives of introverts to quell popular misconceptions.

Misconception #1 — Introverts are quiet

They aren’t. They aren’t just comfortable with you yet. Also, Introverts are good listeners; they listen to themselves and like to hear themselves think. Everyone has voices in their heads, but introverts, through reflection and solitude have learned to amplify…

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