5 Things MrBeast Will Teach You About Following Your Passion

The unedited process of growth and success

Mrbeast teasing a Lamborghini giveaway. Photo credit: MrBeast’s YouTube channel.

Anyone who knows their way around the YouTube ecosystem has at some point come across the name, MrBeast.

His accomplishments are worthy of the title Beast, but when you come across the face behind the title, the popular idiom, small but mighty, paints a mental image.

For one, MrBeast, whose real name is Jimmy Donaldson, is only 22 years old.

For another, MrBeast is well on his way to breaking the world record as the first person to become a billionaire from making YouTube videos.

At over 8 billion views, the total number of views on his channel exceeds the world’s population. And he has over 69 million followers spread across his seven channels.

On his main channel, he implements simple and ridiculous ideas at an extravagant scale. Talk about decorating a house with over 1.7 million Christmas lights, filling a pool with ramen noodles or cereal, and sitting in it for 24hours, and eating a $70, 000 dollar golden pizza.

With three of his viral videos crossing the 80M views mark and the rest of his new videos (from the last three years) netting an average of 35M views, Jimmy has mastered the viral content formula. He even bagged major spots on YouTube Creators Award in 2020. He was awarded YouTube’s number one creator and also got featured on the top ten trending videos list.

His influence transcends the YouTube platform as observed in the wildfire manner in which his recently launched Hamburger franchise, Mr. Beast Burger, took off. Knocking the YouTube app off its spot as the most downloaded free application on the Apple store. “I betrayed my master,” he joked in a tweet.

As effortlessly as he wears his victories, Jimmy’s story is one of pure determination and an unbendable will. And in this article, I will share five profound lessons on Jimmy’s journey from unknown to record-breaking to reflect the unedited process of growth and success.

It Takes Hard work, Consistency, and Sacrifice

Jimmy started uploading videos in 2011 when he was 12 years old.

He dedicated a portion of his time every day to record a video for the platform, and for the first three years saw little traction despite uploading almost daily. When he uploaded his 100th video, he had only 730 subscribers, yet he stayed consistent. He spent most of his free time trying to figure out what worked on the platform and what factors determined what videos got picked up by the algorithm. “I spent 90% of my waking hours trying to see what I could do better,” he said.

He took on the challenge to decode the workings of the algorithm. He didn’t see his constant uploading and little to no traction as a deterrent. He constantly made tweaks to his videos; trying different styles and keeping tabs on those that brought in more subscribers or did well on his channel. His climb was slow and steady.

5 years and 6K subscribers after his first video, then 18-year-old Jimmy got admission into college but dropped out after two weeks because he couldn’t envision a life not doing something he had built up for five years.

His Mom, frantic with his decision, made him move out of the house, hoping he would realize his mistake and come to his senses. But Jimmy didn’t bulge.

In early 2017, a couple of months after dropping out of college and moving out of his family home, Jimmy would record his first viral video. An implementation of an outstanding but insane feat.

He spent 44 hours counting from 1 to 100, 000. Even after editing, that video is still almost 24 hours long, making it one of the longest videos on the platform. Jimmy broke the internet with the greatest display of will and guts ever seen.

Now, certain to have cracked the code, Jimmy would follow up with more will-bending stunts, such as reading every word in the dictionary and staying underwater for 24 hours.

Takeaway: There is no such thing as overnight success

You Need To Set the System and Love the Process

Following your passion is not a romantic walk in the park.

Seth Godin in The Dip, the book on knowing when to quit, explains that the dip is an inevitable situation in life, and the only way to beat it is to prepare for it and work harder to overcome that stage.

Jimmy was aware of that. Even as a teenager, he knew not to expect an easy ride. And he spoke about this repeatedly to motivate fellow Youtubers around that time. “It takes years of hard work and consistency to get your name out there,” 17-year-old Jimmy said.

If MrBeast went on YouTube for the sole reason of becoming famous, he probably would have quit in — at most- two years. This shows, he acknowledged the system and wasn’t in it for the quick result.

The fun was in the learning process. In that way, Jimmy gamified failure.

Takeaway: To enjoy the process, gamify failure.

It Takes Consistent Effort to Stay Relevant

“If you are not willing to risk the usual, you will have to settle for the ordinary.” — Jim Rohn

When other young YouTubers used their earnings to spoil themselves and get their money’s worth of luxury, Jimmy did something unheard of. He took 100% of his sponsorship earnings and gave it away.

Since then, he has created an Investment loop in his channel such that the more returns he gets, the more he invests in his videos.

His success didn’t slow him down or get him to take a break. It spurred him to expand and out-do his previous videos.

Soon, his channel scaled from a one-man show to a full production team.

Although each video looks fun and effortlessly put together, behind every 10–20 minute video is a 50-person team of writers, editors, and producers on the payroll.

Matter-of-fact, he pulls all stops and pushes himself to the limit. He combined two of his favorite activities: making videos and giving, then blew them up to create a niche for himself.

To mention a few:

He gave out an Island worth $700, 000

He gave out a diamond worth $100, 000

He bought a car dealership and gave all the cars out

He opened a free restaurant!

Not to mention the amount of effort he and his team expend to implement a video idea.

Mrbeast admits to spending anything from $100, 000 to $1, 000, 000 on each video, and a single video could take months of planning and days of continuous filming.

On Twitter, he announced he was planning on making his most expensive video yet, which is likely to run into tens of millions of dollars. It appears the more he can get, the more he is willing to give away.

Modest and unchanged despite his mega-successful status, Jimmy doubles his effort as he hits each milestone, always going bigger than the previous, still riding on the quest to create the most entertaining videos for his audience, ever.

Takeaway: Be your biggest competitor

Collaboration Is Key to Growth

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.” — Michael Jordan

Collaboration worked great for MrBeast because of his personality.

As MrBeast’s channel grew, he invited more of his friends to film with him. And most of his friends joined his team by coming to work for him.

“Two things define your personality,” said Martin Luther King, “the way you manage things when you have nothing, and the way you behave when you have everything.”

Jimmy is unaffected by his fame, wealth, and acclaim. He has remained humble and kind. Also, his values have remained the same.

At every milestone on MrBeast's journey, he was grateful and appreciated the audience who had subscribed to his channel. From 700, to 1000, to 2000, to 3000, to 50, 000, 000. MrBeast has repeatedly shown gratitude and repaid their support.

In an interview in YouTube’s HQ, he admitted that doing what he does would have been more challenging if he didn’t have his friends with him.

Jimmy also acknowledges people’s support in growing his brand. When some people feel too overwhelmed to collect the gifts he offers, he reminds them they are also part of the reason he is going to get more views.

For this, Jimmy has won the hearts of his friends/team members, and the love and adoration of fans. Inspiring them to make a positive impact on people, as he does.

His humility and generosity are his superpowers. With them, he had unlocked the universe’s secret to abundance — giving. Because, as Genius Turner frames it, “Giving is receiving turned inside out.”

Takeaway: Gratitude makes growth sustainable

The Road to Fulfillment

Jimmy holds the title of YouTube’s biggest philanthropist.

An impulsive giver, MrBeast is popular for giving big-ticket gift items to friends, family or friends, and even strangers. He has also donated millions of dollars to charity.

In November 2019, he expanded his generosity to the Environment.

“I want to make the world a better place before I die…” — Jimmy Donaldson (Mr Beast)

Celebrating his 20M-subscriber-milestone, Mrbeast and former NASA scientist, Mark Rober, came together to raise a Save Earth campaign to plant 20 million trees in two months. That idea exploded into the biggest influencer-backed fundraiser on the internet. They collaborated with Arbor day foundation, a nonprofit conservation organization, to raise $20 million dollars to plant 20M trees, where each dollar donated represented a tree.

A record-breaking fundraiser. His fame rose as major news outlets picked up the story.

Not only did they raise the money in less time than they had set out to, but they have also continued to garner support as the portal remains open. So far, they have raised over $22, 580, 000 million.

Through their partnership with Arbor day foundation, they planted 7 million trees despite the 2020 COVID disruption. And they have set out to plant 14 million more trees in 2021. Also, during the lockdown, MrBeast filled up food banks by purchasing over $1, 000, 000 worth of food products and distributed $200, 000 to people who lost their jobs.

Swinging for the fence on his previous efforts, Jimmy created a YouTube solely for philanthropy. He promises the channel’s proceeds will be used to build thousands of food banks and homeless shelters.

His ultimate goal is to make a lot of money and give it all away when he dies.

Takeaway: Your passion becomes fulfilling when you learn to give back.


Tony Robbins’s famous saying, “People are rewarded in public for the things they did in private,” perfectly sums up Jimmy’s experience.

His journey is also a reminder that the process determines the result, the law of compound interest works, and the % progress you make daily is enough to turn your dreams into reality.

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